Effective July 2021: Weekly club meetings are now open for in-person OR virtual participation. If you would like to join a meeting as our guest, please email Kathy Hainley, Executive Administrator, at rotarycluboflancaster@gmail.com for more information.

Tom Baum

President From: 2017-2018

I am truly honored and humbled to preside over the Rotary Club of Lancaster for the 2017/2018 Rotary year.  In our 102-year history, our club has been led by many great people, and comprised of many more active and committed members.  These men and women were not just great leaders in their businesses; they were also great leaders in the community with a passion to improve life here at home and around the world.  With the same passion, I will do my best to continue their legacy while drawing upon the talents of our current energetic and engaged members.

As a third generation Rotarian, I consider myself old fashioned – a throwback, maybe even a dinosaur, when it comes to Rotary.  It’s important for me to maintain perfect attendance, and have 30 years between two clubs.  I believe a quality Rotary meeting should be divided in thirds with equal time spent between socializing with fellow members, club business/projects, and educational/thought-provoking programs.  I believe quality speakers are critical to gaining new membership and engaging our current members.  I believe strongly in Rotary ideals and all the good we do in the world.  I love Rotary just the way it is, and was.

That said, I have come to realize that clinging to these ideals, my Rotary, the one of my father and grandfather, is neither practical, nor wise.  Our club is very strong and active, but we must always strive to be better if we are to remain relevant and grow. We must embrace changes that make our club more attractive to a new generation of Rotarians to assure another century of service, friendship, and fun!

That is one of the ideas behind our Rotary Rendezvous meetings — two additional, if less formal, evening meetings per month on the second and fourth Wednesdays. Among their purposes is to allow greater attendance flexibility for both existing and prospective members. The hope is that they will help improve member engagement in club activities, provide additional fellowship activities, and enhance opportunities for those who cannot attend luncheon meetings.

It is my hope that with these events, in addition to our strong weekly meetings with wonderful programs, we can introduce a new generation of Rotarians to an organization that has greatly served our community and world, all while enhancing their personal and professional lives.

We will need to explore other new ideas as we go, making continual adjustments as we introduce to each new generation the opportunities inherent in community service.

Many of my best friends and business associates have come from the engaging partnership that is Rotary. It is my hope that your life as a Rotarian will be as enhanced by that experience as I find mine to have been.

Yours in Rotary,
Tom Baum