Effective July 2021: Weekly club meetings are now open for in-person OR virtual participation. If you would like to join a meeting as our guest, please email Kathy Hainley, Executive Administrator, at rotarycluboflancaster@gmail.com for more information.

David E. Hosler

From: 2011-2012

A self-described “hopeless volunteer,” Dave Hosler parlayed his broad community leadership experiences and buttoned-down efficiency with his dedication to Rotary goals to produce a Rotary year that was both enjoyable and productive.

Dave emphasized service to both the local and worldwide community, most clearly demonstrated in fulfilling his goal of the Club’s contributing over $30,000 to the Rotary Foundation. His personal identification with the Rotary/United Way Summer Youth Experience led the Club to give $12,500 to provide worthwhile activities for about 800 children and teens. He introduced the Club to the Shelter Box idea for providing basic assistance to disaster victims with a program and follow-up Club and individual support.

Other special grants went to Bob McClenathan’s Thailand eye-glass distribution, to the Drug Court, to the new Veterans Court and to a Honduras mission led by Steve Mentzer, Andy Appel and Jim Hendricks. And there was the annual Presidential Grant of $10,000 that went to support programs at eight local educational and social services organizations.

Challenging and informative programs have always been a highlight of the Club’s weekly meetings. During the 2011-2012 year, they ranged from international affairs (Ambassador John B. Craig on Syria, Elizabethtown College’s President Dr. Carl Srikwerda on Globalization) to close-at-home business self-help ideas from our own members (Pete Barber on how his painting business got started, Dick Stauffer on leadership transition in his architectural firm.)

With the national and local emphasis on the economy, programs also provided insight into subjects ranging from economic development in Lancaster County to the hot jobs that are currently available and the fields slated for future growth.

Dave took a personal hand in programming, never more evident than in the moving audio-visual tribute to veterans on December 7, which he produced with Doug Hall and Tim Ruhl of the Manheim Club and a risky “Rotary’s Got Talent” program over the Christmas holiday. Announcing the latter, Dave told the Club, “If this doesn’t come off well, my impeachment proceedings might begin the following week.” Happily, it was a fun and entertaining half-hour featuring Rotarians and their families who really did have talent.

Education was another emphasis. Our Club members join a record attendance at the Teacher Impact Awards Program, jointly sponsored by Rotary District 7390 and WGAL-TV 8.  Meetings featured the president of Franklin & Marshall College (Outcomes Based Education), the former president of Elizabethtown College (Why Does College Cost so Much?) and four Lancaster County public school superintendents (Budgets). The political scene was represented by Mayor Rick Gray, Representatives Bear and Sturla and former Lt. Governor Mark Singel.

The year’s off-campus meeting was in Columbia, where members visited The Turkey Hill Experience. Dave also tried an experimental meeting format, starting the business meeting at 12:30 with the goal of having the speaker available for questions by 1:00. He indicated that more such experiments may be in the wings to in an effort to allow those members with afternoon commitments to be able to experience most of the weekly program before needing to leave.

Fellowship activities hit a new high of frequency.  In addition to the annual boating, golf and ski outings, there were Happy Hours at a variety of local bars and restaurants, a Christmas party at the Lancaster Country Club, a Crabfest at the Liederkranz and a night at the Barnstormers.

The Club’s traditional involvement in people-to-people relations was highlighted by hosting a visit from six members of a Pakistan Group Study Exchange and shepherding Eduardo Nobriega from Brazil as an exchange student at McCaskey.

After years of struggling with borrowed projectors, the Club purchased its own laptop computer and projector. Also, in the new age of technology, the Public Relations Committee held a well-attended series of 11:30 meetings on how to use the social media both personally and in business. A new Club banner was produced. To great applause, Dave congratulated Kathy Hainley on her first full year as the Club’s executive secretary. There was no applause but no complaints when he announced that the cost of luncheons would increase to $13 on July l.

Fund-raising set a record of $44,029 profit at the Basketball Extravaganza, of which one-third went to partner Franklin& Marshall Athletic Department. Other funds to support Rotary programs came from the Casino Night and Auction (also called Gaming and Tippling Night) and from car wash sales in cooperation with Cloister.

On a sad note, Dave had to announce the passing of former president Max Smith and of current Membership Committee Chair, Chris Herr. Also noted was the death of Ralph “Buzz” Coho, who although  no longer a member of this club, was known as “Mr. Rotary” for all he did to start up and encourage clubs throughout District 7390.

An unusual activity was welcoming members of District 7510, in New Jersey, to Lancaster and to First Friday for their annual conference.  Mayor Gray also participated!

Looking ahead, Dave pointed out to the Board of Directors that the Club’s 100th anniversary is coming up in 2015 and that it was time to begin planning for it. Rotary presidents’ terms end, but Rotary goes on!