Effective July 2021: Weekly club meetings are now open for in-person OR virtual participation. If you would like to join a meeting as our guest, please email Kathy Hainley, Executive Administrator, at rotarycluboflancaster@gmail.com for more information.

Althea Ramsay-Carrigan

Past President From: 2018-2019

It is my honor to be the 2018-2019 President of the Rotary Club of Lancaster. I greatly enjoy being a Rotarian. Originally I joined the Club because I was required to do so by my job. That was part of the way things were done many years ago. I have stayed a member because I truly love it. If you have come to this web site and to this page, it may be that you are considering Rotary and want to learn more. I encourage you to contact a member that you may know, visit our club (and others!) to see if we are a fit for you. We have lunch together every Wednesday at 12 in the Farm and Home Center in Lancaster, PA.

This year Rotary International has defined our mission as “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change- across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” This is something that we can all get behind. Our history is full of amazing accomplishments.  What other organization of Business Professionals can claim to have very nearly eradicated Polio from the face of the earth? What other club can claim to have helped to form the United Nations? We can! This year our theme “Be the Inspiration” guides us to our goals. This year they are set as the following:  Promote Peace, Fight Disease, Provide Clean Water, Support Education, Save Mothers and Children and to Grow Local Economies. My own Presidential goals are to use my position to work with the Preserve Planet Earth Committee to plant a lot of trees, support our local Cleft Palate clinic and the Power Packs program (which provides healthy meals and recipes to food insecure families) and to make meaningful donations to Community Aid and the Lancaster Clothing Bank. Each week of my presidency I will donate a dress in honor of being so fortunate to address the Club from the podium.

Our club has worked together over the last 103 years to bridge the gaps of poverty, hunger, environmental decline and to support the economic stability of our own great country while also helping those of other lands.  Together we help people to literally (with medical and vision missions) see a better world. We have helped to found the Rotary Refugee Center and Community School to help our newest neighbors in making a new life here. We have helped to send our local children into an enriched and educated future- with full belly’s. We work together and we work tirelessly to support our local high school programs, camps, school libraries, parks and green spaces and to encourage the leadership skills of young people through travel, scholarships, supporting college Rotary clubs and with supportive and interactive mentoring.

Our members make up what is the very best of our society in service to others. Our club is so fortunate to include officers and board members of the United Way, the Boy Scouts of America, Hospice, the YMCA, Water Street Rescue Mission, the Council of Churches, Toys for Tots, School District of Lancaster, SCORE, the Salvation Army, Music for Everyone, the Lancaster Conservancy, the Farm and Home Center and so many others who are focused on the needs and the benefits of the community on a day to day basis. Belonging to the same Club is an opportunity to combine efforts, serve more effectively, share needs as well as our gifts of time, talent and traditions.

Our Rotary club also has the county’s strongest businesses, service providers, cultural enhancements, educators and professional leaders from every walk of life assembled all in one place each Wednesday at Noon (and so often out and about in the Community together) who are actually friends with each other and who enjoy the sense of being part of something bigger than themselves and the ability to harness that power to change the world.

Serving as President for this year is a privilege; but I am most proud to simply be a Rotarian and to serve with my fellow members. Whether we are drenched together in the rain at our Wheels and Wings fly-in and car show, racing goats, working the snack bar at the Tip-Off Tournament at F&M, pulling weeds at Rotary Park in the heat of Summer or ringing the bell in the snow at Christmas I will strive and do hope to lead our club through an exciting year in practice of “Service above Self” to our community and to our world. I also hope to join our members in having fun, enjoying the meetings and joining in the Club projects. In these ways as we enjoy one another we find new ways to serve. An important thing to remember is that while “with responsibility comes obligation” in Rotary we are never alone. There is power in the partner at your side. If we can dream of a better world we can create that change and there are no limits for what we can do together for the good of the world.

My special thanks to the Past Presidents and to our wonderful Board of Directors.

Let’s make a difference out there-from week to week!