Make-Up Opportunities

The Rotary Club of Lancaster has a long-standing tradition of members striving for high attendance.  Not only does attendance foster fellowship between Rotarians, it keeps one engaged in Club activities and allows one to enjoy terrific programs & speakers.

Below is a list of Make-Up Opportunities the Rotary Club of Lancaster is happy to provide with the hope that these options help Rotarians continue our high-attendance tradition:

  • Online Make-Ups (View Our Club’s Speakers):  Click Here
  • Online Make-Ups (Rotary E-Club One):  Click Here
  • 30-minute attendance at a Committee Meeting (see the Committee Chair for the sheet to mark yourself as present)
  • Bring a Guest to a Rotary meeting
  • Attending or Volunteering at certain Club-designated events
  • Attending a meeting at another Rotary Club (List of Rotary Clubs available here)